Recreating key moments from Elton John's life story in built settings and dressed locations. Extensive research to design and build sets of the 1973 Boeing Starship plane that he toured in, the 1971 Top of the Pops performance of 'Your Song' , a 1970 recording studio, the 2005 Caesars Palace 'Red Piano' show with neon Heart and neon star below his piano, the 1975 Dodgers Stadium concert, backstage dressing room from 1990, rooms from his mansion in 2018, and a stadium concert from 1984, and on location : the Northwood Hills pub in 1962, his school concert in 1955, and the house in Pinner where he grew up in 1951. Costumes for the dressing room were loaned from the Elton John Archive, and the fabric for the sofas in the tour plane was designed and custom printed. The plane was brought to life with a travelling light source and clouds created with smoke machines and large fans.
Robin Brown