The Collector 2014

‘Visitors were entranced.. crammed with pitch-perfect period details’ New York Times
so intoxicating is Nahmad’s stand, with evocative soundtrack and small televisions playing Godard, Truffaut, the French Winter Olympics, clips of the Paris riots, that with one nostalgic, bohemian gust it blows away the precious, pristine, smartly labelled art fair piety of everything else at Regent’s Park.
The gallery-booth itself as a piece of performance art, selling as seductive installation’ Jackie Wullschlager FT

‘The most atmospheric, instructive and exciting stand at Frieze Masters 2014 like the best fiction, heightened a perception of reality. One visiting dealer called “The Collector” a poem in three dimensions’ economist

‘My favourite booth , turned on it's head the intangible, unreachable ideal, for most, of the fine art collector.’
 Huffington Post

'That installation touched so many nerves in people,' 'You were looking at art in a living environment.' New York Times

‘the buzz at this year's show is around the Helly Nahmad stand. an immersive, narrative installation created by production designer Robin Brown. The buzz is well-deserved.’ Vanity Fair‘The best piece of theatre in town?’ FT


‘forensically accurate.’ the art newspaper

‘impressively detailed and absorbing.’ creative review

‘One of the two most ardently discussed booths, can’t you imagine just slipping out of your raincoat, throwing yourself into an armchair and lighting a Gauloise as you contemplate your Miros?' 'as a low key sales pitch it’s rather smart this one is a piece of high flattery to the idea of the collector.’ the guardian

‘astonishing attention to detail.’ BBC NEWS

‘Crowd favorite . surprisingly insightful.’ Die Welt

A nostalgic space at Freize Masters that is the highlight of this week’s London Art. Two televisions play, the bed unmade, as Burri’s Combustion hangs on the wall above it. The Slashes of the Fontana stacked next to each other almost like magazines glimpsed between the legs of the elongated Giacometti figures. Cultural references everywhere that reconstruct the environment and breath in every single detail. A Hosanna to the Preachers of death of the White Cube. vogue italia

‘theatrically intricate.’ the guardian

‘the most elaborate booth that I have ever seen at an art fair stand’

‘the real star turn.. Everything had been cleverly thought through in this imagined recreation.the whole spectacle worked so well and drew all the crowds around it.’  artlyst

The real must of the show . this humble exciting, and intelligent idea,’. le Quotidien de L'Art

‘a labor of love . a number of older people walked through the booth muttering to themselves, or their cell phones, “incroyable, incroyable.”Art news

‘utterly convincing re-creation . forensically accurate ‘. The Art Newspaper

'A big buzz at yesterday’s VIP viewing centred on Helly Nahmad Gallery’s precise evocation of a Sixties collector’s apartment .' Evening Standard

'the hotspot and must-see …hits the nerve of this year’s Frieze: the gallery-booth itself as a piece of performance art.' Artusiast

‘worth visiting just for this booth,This is probably the best booth you will ever see at an art fair in your life.’ DAZED

‘a beautiful example of the latest trend in the world of art, the works displayed like at home.’ Le, madame'Showpiece of the season.' 160gramms

‘These guys get the award for the best presentation.' Art net news

'A statement against art as a soulless asset at Frieze Masters.' Artmarketmonitor


‘an installation unto itself . most, if not all of the gallery owners I spoke with named Nahmad’s stand as their favourite.' art-antiques-design


‘one of the most intriguing and effective displays’ Art Mastered


'Amazing that the biggest players in the art market should use one of the most commercial fairs in the world to make a statement about how art to be at the centre of

'the political and intellectual life of its times used– affordable to university professors – not merely an expensive commodity. hymancollection


‘The most talked about and photographed art at the Frieze Art Fair.' Habitually Chic

'It created an installation, an event, and it was the best element of Masters.' Hunger TV


'There is not a single adjective to describe how breathtaking this work is even more difficult to put the intricacies of the flat into words.  It is clear that Helly Nahmad's

'The Collector" was the crown jewel of Frieze ’14.' Kulturspace

‘radically challenges this uniform greyness.’

‘by far the busiest stand at the fair.’ GQ

‘The prize for most impressive display . Engaging and surreal, this stand has more detail than most artworks – worth a visit of its own, it would be worth the gallery creating this installation around the world.’

‘the most poignant piece, the true belle of the ball . as an audience, we all rather fell in love with him’. Velvet
‘The finest offering at Masters . wonderfully creative and theatrical.’ Whitewallmag 

‘The most talked about and photographed art at the Frieze Art Fair It’s intriguing and interesting and makes you stop to try to see everything inside . created a buzz and and got people talking and more importantly, Instagramming. It’s also a perfect case study for social media and marketing managers.’ Habitually Chic

‘The most atmospheric, instructive and exciting stand at Frieze Masters 2014.’ massimo-casagrande

‘The white box format with which galleries usually display their wares was changed perhaps for ever more by the innovative booth.’ Designsourcebook

‘radically challenges this uniform greyness.’

‘the installation almost manages to eclipse the museum quality art on display, So clearly staged and yet so incredibly powerful.' Baroncelli

‘it is this blurred line between fiction and reality that makes this installation so brilliant.’ Telavivian

‘level of details ..was astounding.’ Winsor+newton

‘This years Frieze Masters highlight , built with perfectionist eyes.'

‘Dreaming of being in this art collectors apartment tonight.’ ‘jack_elliot_tobin

"Mummy, didn't he have time to clean his room?" "No dear, it's art." littlelizu

‘won our hearts and minds the detail moved me to tears.’ Mil Vukovic

‘best booth at both fairs by a mile, and possibly the #bestartfairboothever’  Iveseent

The Asylum 2015

‘The installation is a work of art in itself.'
the guardian

They’ve done it again. Helly Nahmad have presented an outstanding installation.  ‘The Asylum’ at the Helly Nahmad stall is visually intriguing and awe-inspiring, filled with scribbling and scrawling marks. The stall is filled with frenetic energy and pulsing graffiti.
Hunger tv

the ‘reimagining of the clinics and sanitoria that inspired Dubuffet’s Art Brut promises to be the fair’s talking point’.

This year's booth is even better; A tour de force.
culture whisper

no doubt the most talked-about sight across both Frieze fairs on their first two days.

They’ve done it again. Helly Nahmad have presented an outstanding installation.  In visits to asylums in France and Switzerland he saw art that existed outside mainstream culture. ‘The Asylum’ at the Helly Nahmad stall is visually intriguing and awe-inspiring, filled with scribbling and scrawling marks. The stall is filled with frenetic energy and pulsing graffiti.
art news

another stand-out installation this year, working with designer Robin Brown, called 'Jean Dubuffet The Asylum'.

It was equal parts surprising and refreshing because one rarely sees a booth at an art fair devote such space and resources to making the artist’s inspiration legible,

Helly Nahmad again raises the curatorial bar with ‘The Asylum
a taste for art

spectacular scenography ,
le figaro Culture

an all-encompassing immersive experience

Erdem AW 2015

Erdem Autumn/Winter 2015

'fashion weeks greatest stage set ' the guardian

‘the poetry of this ..The set was elaborate’ NYT

'The line between Frieze and fashion week was blurred ever further, in a super-chic way' Wall street journal

'exquisite mid-century modern mies-en-scenes' The telegraph

'this evocative, cinematic set' HG

pushing a new age of theatricality and self-expression on the runway at lfw. ID

‘brought fashion and design together ‘Architectural Digest

‘Madmen with stains’ Wallpaper

‘like a step back in time to an early ‘Madmen’-era ’ Wall street journal

 “world” class,’ Vogue 

“Myheart is fluttering,” Irish Times

‘Setting the standard for London Fashion Week in general.’ HG

‘A masterful study of character through environment’ Be global

featured in Wallpaper Magazine.






Erdem AW 2016.17

Erdem AW 16.17

'the theatrical backstage set at Erdem made the fashion blood rise' Vogue

Intoxicating Theatre BoF

nothing faded except the grandeur FT

dazzling dark romance telegraph

old Hollywood glamour ID

an escape route to dreams

Robin Brown