A film following the creation and journey of a diamond from a planet's core to 2500BC india along the silk route to Georgia in10AD, to Venice in 1640, a forest in 1790, Buenos Aires in 1840, Budapest in 1890, Detroit in 1940, Berlin in 1980, current day, and back to space in 2050.


A diamond journey directed by Ian Pons Jewell with a score by Oscar-winning Atticus Ross

The creation of carbon and formation of a diamond found in 2500BC in India, transported along the Silk route to the Queen of Georgia in 1010, cut in Italy in 1640, and passed from 1740 Argentina to 1880’s Budapest to 1940’s Detroit, to 1980’s Berlin, present day and on to a spaceflight in 2050. Researching and producing concepts of  the history and time period’s to make up the story arc correct to the worldwide history of the Diamond ring. The Concept, design, and commissioning of a 2 carat cushion cut diamond ring set in yellow gold that had to have a timeless quality that could play on screen from 1740 up to present day and into the future. Designing and creating textured accurate settings from 1740’s early tango in Argentina to the the 2050 space liner, with windows running around the entire fuselage, lounge like seating, and a ‘reclaimed’ vintage futurist mosaic mural lining the cabin walls, every mosaic tile hand drawn, cut and painted. dop Mauro Chiarelli. Location build and dress shot with Radioaktive film in Georgia.

Robin Brown